•   The machinery of HanZhong exposed to the sun limited liability company is the stock system enterprise that plain Chinese aviation industry second conglomerates morning sun machinery works is changed to manufacture according to modern enterprise system. The company is located in ancient times Three Kingdoms place of strategic importance Shaanxi Province HanZhong City usually having China treasure basin the Han nationality birthplace;

    The companynorth is adjacent to 108 national roads 2,500 meters from HanZhong railway station, close neighbour ?Xi'an is hit by the express highway passenger station till Chinese , multi-path public transit vehicle reaches city centre directly , traffic is convenient and rapid , geographic location is advantageous。Strength of gathering close military enterprise in 40, the company owns the import processing centre , various being skill in point Jinqie equipment and detecting equipment being close to 300 , being having the perfect physics and chemistry experiment , measure , dynamic experiment and so on such as numerical control machine tool , precise coordinate boring lathe , digital control wire-electrode cutting , numerical control electric spark machine tool tests means. Enterprise is that national defense industry has made active contribution come being close to 40. The labor handles the national defence in the 70's and in the 80's, producing 85 millimeters of broken A ball , accepting State Council circulating a notice of praise. Enterprise successively is developed products such as component and part , change gear having produced an automobile over the past 90's, is ascertained that in 1993 for aviation industry automobile supporting fixed point enterprise, becomes member of DongFeng Automobile Co. enterprise in 1995. The manufacturer assorts many family automobiles such as Chinese river automobile , east wind automobile , the automobile transmission shaft is fifty anniversary National Day building up a country review troops military vehicle supporting product, change gear successively is won the Shaanxi Province superior new product , the excellent award of Chinese patent new technique new product expo , four ministries and commissions such as science and technology commission etc. is awarded "a state-class new product " a title , is to import substitutes for sure by the country. In recent years, the company reinforces and treating of Shaanxi aircraft industry (Corp.) company small system part , structure part in the aircraft working together , undertaking the making of makes. In 2005 the company passes ISO9001: 2000 mass system attestation. Obtaining evidence that the company carries out "the Nationalist troop is labeled with attestation " and "the weaponry produces scientific research licence attestation " in course of works , makes every effort to make rubbings from bigger marketplace of exhibition in war industry industry. Increase development dynamics of civil-use goods at the same time, import and export right having gained foreign trade , the technology, distant product pin USA waits for a field。
       The limited liability company insists on machinery of HanZhong exposed to the sun "unite, the self-improvement , the company spirit being realistic , going all out ", obey the company tradition "working conducting self in a down-to-earth way carefully" , abide by geographic location advantage and product brand resource , real estate resource , equipment resource asking a company to exist with the idea being innovative seeking managing "developing , bringing into play sufficiently with credit" to abound in gifts of nature. Be to twist belt with project as the leading role, with assets, the examination welcoming the respectively square friend coming talks zeal over with, many fields , many channels , much project joint investment work together , conspire to develop.
    All rights reserved :Hanzhong Chaoyang Mechanical Limited Liability Company 
    Address : No.1 Chaoyang Road, Han Tai District, Hanzhong, Shaanxi province   Telephone :86-0916-2383187       
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